Exploring the net in search of a waterproof city bike backpack, I came across a product from the London company Craft Cadence. Unfortunately, I couldn’t buy it at the time because the product was unavailable. Nevertheless, a moment later, to my delight, I received a message from the manufacturer that a new backpack model for 2020 appeared on the market. A short exchange of emails and here it is 🙂 I invite you to read the review.

A few words about…

Craft Cadence is a typical city backpack. Typical not in the sense that in the sheer volume of other products it doesn’t stand out with anything special. Typical because it was designed for urban cyclists. The product was created in London company, which was created by a group of people actively using the bicycle as a means of daily transport. Identifying with this social group, as well as knowing the needs arising from the specifics of riding in commute mode decided to meet the expectations by creating a backpack that they would like to use themselves. They also observed that the market of backpacks and bags designed for cyclists is dominated by several companies that, despite the need for changes, do not improve their products. In this way, without being indifferent to feedback from users of two-wheelers, they periodically improve the product by introducing new versions to the market. The model I presented is the latest creation of Craft Cadence – the 2020 version.


The backpack is made of waterproof material that meets the IPX5 standard. By deciphering this abbreviation, by definition, it means exactly that Craft Cadence is completely resistant to water falling from different directions with an intensity of 12.5 liters per minute. So when driving even in the worst downpour its content will remain dry. Individual panels of the backpack have been joined with glued seams, which also has an impact on its water resistance.

Closing the roll-top backpack is also key here. This simple, functional and above all trouble-free solution ensures quick and easy access to the inside of the bag. After rolling the sleeve, it is “caught” with two strong Velcro straps that prevent it from opening automatically, while the main fastener is a system of two side straps that hold the rolled sleeve.

On the outside there is one (deep) pocket closed with a sealed zipper sewn in horizontally, and a handle for an additional lamp.

The back is four small panels. This is a change from previous models. Craft Cadence has completely redesigned this part of the backpack. The quantity, quality and arrangement of panels is intended to increase the comfort of use as well as to ensure adequate ventilation. The support system has also been improved. Another layer of foam was added to the braces and a stronger and denser mesh was used, while maintaining adequate breathability. Craft Cadence, of course, also has an adjustable chest strap and hip belt.

The inside of the backpack is one large 30-liter compartment with a removable organizer. It consists of a main compartment, a laptop pocket (15 “) and two smaller mesh pockets with zippers. The use of two separate pockets (instead of one large) is a change that was the manufacturer’s response to customer comments. Thanks to this, we can transport small items, e.g. telephone, keys or wallet, in a more organized way. This is a very practical solution because it allows you to organize your luggage space.

Taking into account the opinions of current users, the sleeve fastening system has changed in this year’s model. It has been enriched with additional Velcro. Thanks to this, the organizer stays in place regardless of what we transport. In previous versions of Craft Cadence, it happened that after packing a significant (heavy) amount of luggage, the sleeve slid inside the backpack – this problem does not occur.

The backpack is available in two colors – yellow and black. Craft Cadence measures 55cm high (rolled up) x 28cm wide at the base (42cm wide at the top) x 18cm deep, and the total weight is about 1 kg.


I had high expectations of the product created by cyclists for cyclists. I set the bar very high for them, the more I was aware that each subsequent version of the backpack is being improved. To be honest – I was not disappointed. Craft Cadence is a backpack that in my opinion fits perfectly into the commute mode. Its size, capacity, internal organizer and finally water resistance are the features that are necessary when using the backpack in everyday city mode. From my perspective, the amount of luggage we can take at one time is equivalent to what we should have on our bicycle to work. Starting from the spare inner tube, ending with breakfast. In addition, there is still a lot of space inside the backpack for additional everyday shopping. Of course, it won’t be a quantity that will allow you to stock up for the whole week, but that’s not how the backpack should be used. The big advantage is the compactness of Craft Cadence. Even when it is stuffed to the brim, we do not feel any discomfort associated with its size. We can confidently move around in the crowd or between narrow aisles in the store. And most importantly – when cycling, looking over the shoulder, we have excellent visibility of what is happening behind us. A big plus for the interior color. The bright yellow material from which the backpack sleeve was made allows you to quickly find objects that you throw into the main compartment. You can see that this is a thoughtful solution. It is known that light colors get dirty faster, but the organizer is removable, so just disassemble it, and the washing machine will do the rest for us. And for this another plus.
As for the convenience of use. The backpack fit comfortably. Nothing hurts, sticks out. In fact, after a while, we forget that we have it on our backs and that’s probably what it’s about. Craft Cadence is solidly made. The quality of the materials used is high and all the details have been refined. It looks like the backpack can withstand a lot. However, in order not to be groundless, in about half a year I will make a separate entry about how the product of the London company performed over the space of a few months. I will focus on its durability and comfort of use, but I will also raise issues such as susceptibility to dirt and keeping it clean. People who are already interested in buying a backpack should refer to the Craft Cadence website, where you can read the detailed product specification and make an order. The cost of buying a backpack is an expense of £ 79.90 to which you should add £ 14.99 for shipping to Poland.

Short review – in Polish